Hat Embroidery at a New York Company

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For a long time, we at Expressions have produced some great hat embroidery designs.

hat embroidery
Some of the hats we’ve worked on lately

Customized Hat Designs

Whenever businesses come to us with a hat design, we create a sample view. We always want to make sure that our clients’ designs are going to stand out. After all, that’s what we believe in: being able to clearly express a message.

4 Ideas to Make Your Hat Embroidery Stand Out


 Size should be the first idea to consider for your hat design. Ask yourself how much the smallest details matter in your design. All designs can be resized, at the cost of losing smaller details. Large designs and logos have details that are eliminated when made smaller. Also, remember that using the wrong size can ruin the presentation of your hat embroidery. Try to avoid making the design too big or too small.


 Colors, if matched well, really boost the look of your hat. Black and white designs usually work with any other colors for your hat. Mixing green, white, and yellow on a green background, on the other hand, is going to be a bit distracting.

red black hat
Color combinations play a big role in the overall look of hats


 Remember, embroidered hats are like a finished painting. Every painting occupies the canvas in a significant way. Sometimes, the artist chooses to leave parts of the canvas blank, in order to express a message. You can apply this to hats too. People can want to fill up their hats with many icons and letters. In the end, their final product becomes confusing and has no appeal. You should always think about the concept of your embroidery. Ask yourself these questions: why are you picking your design? Why do you want certain colors? Which part of your design should attract the most attention, for instance? Which part of your hat should others focus on? Understanding concepts is key to making a great design that fully expresses the message you want to spread with your brand or organization.


 Being clear often relates to your concept goals. Any hat, even when customized, is going to attract quick glances. As a result, the message you try to express should be short and easy to understand.

Be Creative

We found a couple of cool hat designs online! Look at them to get an idea of interesting designs that get attention from everyone. At Expressions, we can help you plan your hat design. We always guide our customers that want to create a unique design, because we care. Most importantly, we want to see our customers succeed with their embroidery.



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